A note from Actor John Schneider

Saturday, May 20, 2006


I have been carrying this note written from John Schneider,
dated June 10, 1997.
It has been in my purse since the day I recieved it. It was sent to me by a ex who is also an actor in Hollywood
and worked with John on the set of "Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman". I met John in 1979. I was a runaway teen trespassing on the
Burbank Studio lot. I mistakenly walked on the Hazzard County
set during filming. By the time I got to the
"Courthouse", John was taking a break, sipping on a cup of
coffee and walking in my direction. Behind me was a motorcycle
security guard fast approaching me.
My stomache was in knots as I knew trouble was following me. John and I crossed paths just as the guard pulled up to me. I was so scared,
I couldn't look in the direction of the motorcycle when he yelled for to me to stop. I'd guess the look of desperation on my face gave John the quick thinking idea to save me.
John spoke fast and yelled to the guard , She's with me." Those were the nicest three words I'd heard in a very long time. I'd been in Hollywood for only two weeks. Left my home and family in New Orleans.
Caught the Grayhound bus with a one way ticket and seven dollars in my pocket.
Ofcourse if my parents had known this they,would never had let me go.
My eldest sister Angie and her husband drove me to the Grayhound bus station thinking
I'd only be gone for two weeks. Little did they, or anyone in my family know, I had no
intentions on going home soon.
I was in search of Shaun Cassidy and my American dream.
I had the crush on Shaun Cassidy that gave me the wild urge to plan this trip to Hollywood
since I was sixteen. The Hardy Boys was a staple on my television. I worked at a local Pizza
resturant to afford his records and played them over and over again til it made the rest of
my sibling muffle their ears with pillows or hum loudly their own favorite tunes.
At age sixteen I also joined a "The New Orleans Police Law Enforcement Explorers" I,
along with other teens volunteered and worked side by side with the Police Personal of
their Community Relations Division. We assisted Police with croud control at the Superdome,
the Mardi Gras and other City Wide functions and road with them to simple community calls.
At age seventeen I won the nomination for President of Explorer Post 560. Was award at a Police
Banquet as "Explorer of the Year" and "Most Outstanding Explorer".
At age eighteen I resigned my position along with my job to go to Hollywood.